Armor Screen Hurricane Protection
that is transparent, easy to install, light-weight, and unbelievably strong!

Miami-Dade approved in January 2000 including High Velocity Hurricane Zone. Florida building code approved, the patented Armor Screen System offers an innovative and economical alternative to traditional rigid hurricane protection. NOA No. 08-1008.03 (exp. 01/07/20014), Florida Building Code Product Approval Nos. FL320, FL812, FL8363 - click here.

•  Unique interwoven design provides an excellent barrier to high winds and driving rain, yet you can see right through it

•  Replace the "dark cave effect" with natural light

•  No more being trapped behind your hurricane protection

•  Put your hurricane protection up ahead of time, without having to wait until the last minute

•  Stay functional and accessible right up to the storm and open immediately after

•  Flexible mounting systems adapt to any building

This video provides an overview of Armor Screen installations

Over 10,000,000 Sq. Ft. of Armor Screen has been installed across hurricane regions; providing a state of the art alternative against destructive wind forces and horizontal driving rain intrusion.

Applications that are impossible with other products are accomplished with Armor Screen. Shelters, auto dealerships, sliding doors, condo balconies and lanais are all easily protected

Don't be left in the dark! See what's happening
with Armor Screen.

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